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Maytech SUPERFOC6.8 50A VESC6-based speed controller compatible to VESCtool for Electric Skateboard/Longboard/Fighting Robots/UAV Drone/E-bike/E-scooter/Lawnmower Robot/ Camera motorized dolly, etc Specification: Model No MTSUPERFOC6.8 Cont Current 50A Lipo Voltage 3-12S Burst Current 240A BEC 5V PCB Size 40mm*60mm C

Контроллер скорости Maytech SUPERFOC 6.8, 50A на базе VESC6, совместимый с VESC TOOL. В корзину Программатор ST-LINK V2 Программатор ST-LINK V2
Buy TORQUE ESC for $99 USD! Compatible with VESC®. Latest & Greatest Open-Source ESC for a DIY Electric Skateboard VESC. v4.12 hardware w/ v4.18 firmware. 12S Capable.
-Maytech VESC 4.12 (I tested 2 of these VESC's and both show the same issue)-Maytech 6374 BLDC outrunner motor-Throttle is a hall effect sensor throttle connected directly to the VESC via the 3.3V, GND and ADC pins.-12cell Lipo 12AH (Multistar)
Maytech’s VESCs are quite simply the best mass-produced takes on Vedder’s designs, and this 100A model is a nice hardware upgrade over the standard 4.12 model. With infinitely adjustable settings behind the easy-to-use and free VESC Tool software , you can tune medium-large sized brushless motor systems for practically any application.
The WoT scorecard provides crowdsourced online ratings & reviews for regarding its safety and security. So, is safe? Come find out. Maytech company was established in 1992. as a private enterprise. Our basic activities are providing services in designing and performances of works in process industry, pharmaceutical indstry and cooling instalations as well as servicing, maintenance and manufacturing of equipment..
Lees elektrische longboard motor beoordelingen en elektrische longboard motor ratings – Koop betrouwbare elektrische longboard motor op LAliExpress!
Aufrufe 4,4 Tsd.Vor 4 years. 3:20. MayTec Flurförderer.
Maytech electric mountainboard wheels front and back wheel 8inch wheel, You can get more details about from mobile site on $30.00 - $70.00 Min. Order : 1 Set
VESC Tool has a BLE tab in the connection page now where it can scan for BLE devices and As the code in VESC Tool is modular and the UI is separate, all of the low level code and built in...
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  • Maytech 2822 Brushless Outrunner Motor 1400KV for Radio Controlled Planes Jet Helicopter MTO2822-G without Hall Sensor $8.90 - $14.99 / Piece 50 Pieces (Min. Order)
  • The Flipsky ESC is based upon the VESC Open Source Project, and compatible with VESC Software. Hardware:V4.12, Firmware: V3.40(Keep upgrated with the latest firmware version),PCB:4 layers, size: 40*60mm, Current: 50A continuous / 240A peak, Voltage: 8V-60V (Cells: 3-13S LiPo) ,BEC: [email protected]
  • Maytech MT50A-SBEC-MK ESC Eagle-Multi Speed Controller. MT50A-SBEC-MK is a new generation of brushless and sensorless speed controllers with the control of micro processor. Its performance in terms of compatibility, reliability and stability can compete with world famous brands.
  • Maytech 200A VESC6-based Speed Controller for Electric Skateboard Mountainbaord E-bike/E-scooter Powerful MTSVESC6.6 Lawnmower Robot/ Camera motorized dolly Specification: Model No. MTSVESC6.0 Dust-proof Yes Cont Current 200A Splash Waterproof Yes Burst Current 240A BEC 5V/1.5A Lipo Volt 3-12S Size 108*75*27mm Hardwa
  • Maytech SUPERFOC6.8 50A VESC6.0 based Controller Great FOC Function for Esk8/Robots/E-bike VESC_TOO (1) measy HD595 450m Wireless HDMI Extender TV Audio Video Transmitter and Receiver Digital Signal Tran (1)

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Jan 03, 2020 · Features: Color screen Option choice for km/h and miles/h Option choice for FSESC and other VESC( FOCBOX) 2.4Ghz band width Real time data reading and 0.95OLED display Support 3 speed modes Support cruise control mode Remote and E-skateboard power...
Вход в Личный кабинет ТНС Энерго Воронеж: Воронежэнергосбыт: Справочная служба: +7 (473) 202-08-33. Воронежэнергосбыт: with VESC tool. Ultra small size, ultra-thin design, with heat dissipation shell and only 50*50*10mm ! Design based on vesc6,.high quality, high performance !

Spintend 75V/200A Ubox (Based on 75V/300A VESC)and Uni1 Introduction ! ... I have been running it on 4wd on Maytech 6374 with 13s and 18s . 20 Likes. Arch.

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Search in MayTec catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click.